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-- E D U C A T I O N --

Interdisciplinary collaboration project "Transit/ion"
September 2015 - January 2016
ArtEZ Arnhem, The Netherlands

Study trip Tokyo, Japan
(november 2015)
See project: Spaces Inbetween (2015)
See exhibition: Transition "Post-Space Society" (2016)

Honours Programme
2013 - present
ArtEZ Arnhem, The Netherlands

Bachelor Graphic Design
2012 - present
ArtEZ Arnhem, The Netherlands

-- W O R K I N P R O G R E S S --

Nieuwe Types
poster design
ArtEZ Creative Writing, Arnhem, The Netherlands

Stillive Series
Photoseries accompanying Annemieke Dannenbergs upcoming publication

-- P R O J E C T S --

Live Drawing accompanying readings and live music played by harpist Lavinia Meijer
17 February 2016
Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
More information on the evening here

Nieuwe Types presenteert: De Eerste Lichting
Live Drawing / performance at Lisa Weeda's reading
27 June 2015
Theater Oostpool, Arnhem, The Netherlands
Some images here

Offprint Paris for Knust, Extrapool
14 - 16 November 2014
Beaux-arts de Paris

Extrapool Graphic Shop
logo design / shop fixture / shop coordination
Nijmegen, The Netherlands
See project: Extrapool Graphic Shop (2015)

Extrapool / Knust
Volunteer, cook, occasional help in the printshop
Nijmegen, The Netherlands


-- K A U L A N E _ H U I S M A N --

Graphic Design / Photography / Writings

Instagram: @huiskau

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Transition Exhibition

What happens when you have a limited amount of physical living space? How will you occupy that space and how does this then influence your use of digital space? By comparing the amount of available data in 2020 to all of the buildable space available on the planet's surface, 1MB then equals 36CM3.

Thus a speculation arose on how to occupy digital space as a living place and how to then inhibit limited physical space.

The research resulted in four projects, that together formed an installation.
Part of this project was then a rectangular tent in which visitors of the exhibition, where this collaborative project was displayed, could experience such a small space and get in conversation about the subject, to gain a broader sense of what the concept of space might be.

All the objects presented in the installation were accompanied by a sticker telling how much its real physical space would be in digital space, calculated using the comparison.

The Exhibition took place January in Showroom Arnhem, The Netherlands.

In collaboration with Sandra bakker, Carlijn Veuring and Gökhan Kaman.