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-- E D U C A T I O N --

Interdisciplinary collaboration project "Transit/ion"
September 2015 - January 2016
ArtEZ Arnhem, The Netherlands

Study trip Tokyo, Japan
(november 2015)
See project: Spaces Inbetween (2015)
See exhibition: Transition "Post-Space Society" (2016)

Honours Programme
2013 - present
ArtEZ Arnhem, The Netherlands

Bachelor Graphic Design
2012 - present
ArtEZ Arnhem, The Netherlands

-- W O R K I N P R O G R E S S --

Nieuwe Types
poster design
ArtEZ Creative Writing, Arnhem, The Netherlands

Stillive Series
Photoseries accompanying Annemieke Dannenbergs upcoming publication

-- P R O J E C T S --

Live Drawing accompanying readings and live music played by harpist Lavinia Meijer
17 February 2016
Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
More information on the evening here

Nieuwe Types presenteert: De Eerste Lichting
Live Drawing / performance at Lisa Weeda's reading
27 June 2015
Theater Oostpool, Arnhem, The Netherlands
Some images here

Offprint Paris for Knust, Extrapool
14 - 16 November 2014
Beaux-arts de Paris

Extrapool Graphic Shop
logo design / shop fixture / shop coordination
Nijmegen, The Netherlands
See project: Extrapool Graphic Shop (2015)

Extrapool / Knust
Volunteer, cook, occasional help in the printshop
Nijmegen, The Netherlands


-- K A U L A N E _ H U I S M A N --

Graphic Design / Photography / Writings

Instagram: @huiskau

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
The images shown in the news are not always what we think they are - framing really does a lot to the perception of an image. With this notion I scraped about a week of news images from, filtering them into seperate categories. From these categories four posters were made: explosions, men in suits, crowds and military forses. With the "Breaking News" banner You can then create your own Breaking News - Live.

Breaking News - Live (2015)

Poster design, Collage

This massive book is a representation of a day on the website It shows a complete list of its contents on 18/09/2014. The website is an endless stream of uploads and downloads by the website's users. (2014)

Book Design

Posts from the blog translated into a monthly calendar, distinguishing events from new publications. (2013)

Poster, Monthly calendar

For Extrapool's Little Shop, I designed the logo and redecorated the shop. The shop is based in NIjmegen, The Netherlands and is filled with stencilprinted matter, printed at Knust and music bought from artists that performed in Extrapool or that is recorded and produced in Extrapool by various artists.

Extrapool Graphic Shop (2015)

Shop identity, Logo design

Institutional Camping pt. II: What happens when you have a limited amount of physical living space? How will you occupy that space and how does this then influence your use of digital space? To answer this question, a rectangular tent was set up in the "Transition Exhibition", where people could then experience a very small space and talk about the perception and usage of that space.

Transition Exhibition (2016)

Performance, Research

Book typography and cover design for Lisa Weeda's book "Je kunt niet altijd afscheid blijven nemen" ("You can't always take one's leave").

Je kunt niet altijd afscheid blijven nemen (2015)

Book typography, Cover design

Five posters plus one poster combining the five; all the names and words are random outcomes of google searches that provided for the information asked for in the instructions that I was given. The posters contain the exact information asked for in the instructions. The instructions seemed random, which was then the starting point for the five posters.

2 WORDS (2016)


This is an installation consisting of five objects cut in half, partially crumbled, melted, pulled out and sliced, to show what an object is made of.

Half (2015)

3D Installation

After Willem Sandberg: "Grafisch ontwerp is orde brengen in drukwerk en zo mogelijk ook vreugde." ("Graphic design is putting structure in print and where possible also joy")

Orde/Vreugde (2012)

Flipbook, Typography

A photographic research about how my sister and I are very much alike but also differ a lot. We dressed up as ourselfs and eachother and I took pictures of this.

De Zussen (2014)


I took the series of photos over a timespan of several weeks visiting my dad and talking to him. I wanted to get closer to him, to get to know him, but in the end we usually talk about plants, about the weather maybe, but hardly ever do we speak of what really matters: our shared past, his life, my life. I would almost call our relationship superficial, which it is not. This is the way we communicate, and the pictures I took symbolize this relationship. They show what we talk about, they show that I cannot get closer to my father in a very direct way, but we have a mutual understanding of things when speaking of mutual interest. By showing an excessive amount of what we do talk about, what really is missing, is what we don't talk about.

Papa (2015)

Hand bound book, Photography

Combining two essays, one written on the opening titles of the film Enter the Void and the other on the Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo, that contradict and overlap each other.

ENTER (2016)

Book typography, Flipbook

I came to find that all the houses in Enschede that I lived in (I moved about 5 times) were either removed or destroyed. Visiting these places, I took pictures and combined those with pictures of the houses that I do still have. This is all there is left of the houses that I grew up in. ("Thuis zonder Thuis" means "Home without a Home")

Thuis zonder Thuis (2014)

Photography, research

From the website "The Voice of Korea" a North Korean government radio website, 5 images were derived into 5 sets of buttons. The button as a symbol of protest in a highly controlled grid of one set image in a society where publicly protesting is, for as far as we know, impossible.

Voice of Korea (2015)


Two posters with the words "Caca" and "Phony".

Caca/Phony (2016)


One week of camping in the entrance hall of ArtEZ in a small tent. People were invited in for Shelter Sessions, tea and fruits and a talk. The goal of the project was to find out more about how space influences social interaction. With a printer and laptop the promotional material was designed and printed inside the tent.

Institutional Camping (2015)

Performance, Video

A small booklet visually explaining the computer font, with information deriven from

Computer Font (2015)


Essay on the shift of reality in the (documentary) film "The Act of Killing" (2012). Designed with two other essays on that same film in a newspaper like spread, together questioning the trustworthyness of what you see.

Relax and Rolex (2015)

Essay, Poster design

Flyer and poster for an event that took place in Extrapool in 2013.

Sculptress of Sound (2013)

Event poster, Flyer

A film poster for the movie "Rope" (1948) by Alfred Hitchcock. The film focusses on events centered about one chest in the middle of a room where the shole movie takes place. This chest has several "appearances" in the film. Therefore this poster contains a wide variation of appearances of a chest.

Rope (2015)

Film poster

A meters long poster containing all the movies that Quentin Tarantino ever referenced in his films; which are hundereds of references. All organized by the appearance date of the referenced film, they link to the films they were referenced in by color.

Quentin Tarantino References (2015)

Data poster

Logodesign for "Mooie Woorden", a bimonthly event in Utrecht, where writers read from their oeuvre.

Mooie Woorden (2015)

Logo design

Typetool that focusses on apophenia, the human tendency to perceive meaningful patterns within random data. This tool enables you to derive type from random patterns.

Chance Seeker Typetool (2015)


Three posters describing three designers or design studios that I admire.

3 posters (2009)

Poster design

One of my first great design loves: Thonik. I wrote an essay on their work and designed this according to a system that I hoped would honour their work.

Nu, Thonik (2012)

Leaflet design, Essay

A poster explaining binary tree sorting, showing a strip of code, a visual representation of binary tree sorting and an essay explaining the binary tree sorting.

Is This a Tree (2015)

Poster, Essay